1: What is ttbfood.com?

TTBfood is a company registered in Ontario, Canada, with a registered company number (2225567 0ntario Inc.),  TTBfood is  liquor(beer),fresh (fruit ,vegetables ,meats ,seafood ) and grocery delivery  service that fulfills orders in as fast as 1hour !

2.About liquor(alcohol)

A: 222567 Ontario Inc.holds a Liquor Delivery Licence from AGCO(the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario), this permits us to deliver alcohol to a residential address to people of legal drinking age( over 19 years of age). To order alcohol through TTBfood.com, you must be of legal drinking age, and you must accept delivery in person. At the time of delivery, you must show a valid government issued ID to the SunSunFresh to verify your age. You must sign receipt of the alcohol delivery.
It’s that person’s responsibility to not share the alcohol order with people who are underage(19 years of age)
B: ALL alcohol price is from the beer store .

3:What stores are supported?

TTBfood shops from local chain stores in your area.TTBfood is an independent business, shopping from any chain the beer store and is not affiliated with endorsed or sponsored by retailers.

4: What fast do you deliver?

TTBfood delivers in as fast as 50 minutes! Customers can choose to have their delivery scheduled the same day as well as up to 3 days in advance, or as per the customer’s convenience, as well as scheduled for a later date or time by simply placing your preferred delivery time & date in the comments section. Please note that we do not guarantee the delivery window selected and may have delivery delays due to weather conditions, traffic and or any other unforeseen reasons. We do our very best to meet the specified window requested and ensure that we do our very best to communicate with each and every customer, as well as be on time.

5: What happens when something is out of stock?

When something is out of stock at the store, we do our best to offer you a replacement, substituting it with something similar. During checkout, you can choose specific replacements for any item, or ask for no replacement of an item. If you allow it, we will call you from the store to confirm the replacement items available. If we can’t reach you, and can not find a suitable substitute, the item will be marked off as out of stock, and you will not be charged

6.Cacellation/refund/exchange policy

You may cancel an order within 10 minutes after ordering with no penalty,after that time the delivery fee will not be waived .tnhere are no cash refunds.
If the order was prepaid online we will refund the money back onto the original card and the right to hold back5% as a cancellation fee.If the driver delivered the wrong product we will exchange it for the correct product with no extra delivery fees as long as it has not been damaged or opened